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The HC-KFS43-S51 is a Servo Motor 400w Ip65.

The HC-KFS43-S51 is part of the MR-J2-Super series which are the best choice for use in high-speed positioning applications.

    High Functionality, High Performance
    High-resolution Encoder 131072p/rev (17bit)
  • The inclusion of a high-resolution encoder ensures high performance and stability at low speeds.
  • Motor sizes are the same as previous products and wiring is compatible.

  • High-performance CPU Incorporated for Improved Response
  • The application of a high-performance CPU has enhanced response significantly. Speed loop frequency response is improved to 550Hz or more.
  • Absolute encoder is Standard Equipment
  • The absolute positioning method, which does not require home position return, can be used by adding a battery to the servo amplifier. The servo motor does not need to be replaced.

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